Careers in Law Enforcement with a Criminal Justice Degree

The criminal justice industry is one of the fastest expanding career fields in not only job opportunities but also in positions within this branch of the criminal justice system. If you’re interested in working directly with your community in order to make it a safer place, then a career within the law enforcement division of criminal justice may be your ideal choice. While there several obvious career choices, such as becoming a police officer, there are several others career opportunities for those with a criminal justice degree.

Criminal Justice Schools Today advises that if you’re interested in a specific career, it’s best to discuss this career with an advisor within your school to ensure you take advantage of select electives and coursework. Doing so not only prepares you for a specific career, but it also ensures that you’re highly competitive within this field.

Law Enforcement Career Options

When you have a criminal justice degree, there are many career options available to you. It’s important to note that some of these careers require specific levels of education, such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Regardless, the foundation of any of the following careers is a respected and conclusive degree in criminal justice.

CIA Agent – There are few criminal justice careers that have been as publicized as a CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency, officer. Within this government branch, there are several career possibilities. These include:

Operations Officer – This professional is responsible for collecting vital information throughout a clandestine operation. These professionals work with domestic and international sources to gather vital intelligence data. This is a highly stressful, and somewhat dangerous, job.

Collection Management Officer – Also referred to as CMOs, these professionals serve as a liaison between various government officials.

Compliance Officer – As a compliance officer, you’ll work directly with local and state governments to ensure various laws and regulations are not only enforced, but enforced according to state laws. Generally, these professionals specialize in worker rights, licensing and environmental laws; however, regardless of their specialty, these professionals share similar responsibilities.

These officers are responsible for reviewing complaints and gathering information in order to investigate these complaints to determine whether or not government officials have broken the law. If a violation is found, these officers issue citations to individuals and suggest various changes to processes and procedures.

Crime Scene Investigators – As a crime scene investigator, you’re responsible for securing crime scenes, collecting and examining physical evidence, photographing crime scenes, documenting physical evidence and testifying as a witness in trials and other courtroom proceedings. This is a hands-on position and it’s vital to determine the actual causes, victims and perpetrators within a crime.

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